Friday, September 9, 2016

So, life has been crazy, as it often is.

I'm getting back into the swing of writing again and I have this great new system.

I love the convenience of the crock pot, but I can't seem to gauge leftovers well.

I love the idea of pre-cooked meat that cooks up quickly with vegetables, but that stuff is expensive!

I love the freezer-to-crockpot method, but I can't always hit on recipes that please the carousel of picky kid eaters.

So, I have my own system: I get meat cheap on sale and freeze big portions.
Then at the beginning of the week, I cook a lot of meat.  The first day, everyone gets a lot of protein and whatever vegetables I managed to sneak into the crock.  The second day, I start getting creative with leftovers and use what I can on the days that are left.

It gives me a great deal of flexibility and the ability to work in my CSA (community supported agriculture) box each week.

So, cheers and enjoy!

Also, I'm going to throw a song I like at the heading of each week, because music lifts me up. <3

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