Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apple Pudding

Last night I made Apple Pudding from the Betty Crocker book.  It was really amazing.
When I saw pudding, I immediately think "Jello-pudding", but this was more old-fashioned, almost like bread pudding. 
There was only a handful of ingredients and at first I thought the mixture would be too dry, but I had to let it sit while I greased the pan and it got moist on it's own.  I do think that adding more apples than are in the recipe is a good idea.
Once it's baked, it's like a cross between apple pie and coffee cake with the best of both--no crust to worry about and lots of soft, warm apple goodness.
For presentation, a dollop of whipped cream or cream and a drizzle of carmel sauce makes a laid-back, easy dessert company ready.

Quick, easy, inexpensive comfort food.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Starting off

Today I created a salad, made a favorite dish, and discovered a new dessert.  Then, naturally, I called my mother to tell her what I had done.  :-)

She, in turn, told me what she had done for dinner.  It sounded unique and exciting. 

We have lots of these conversations.  However, I, for one, know that knowledge is fleeting, especially when I haven't slept the night before.  So, we are going to write down our accomplishments to share with each other. 

Here goes:

Menu for today:

Spanish Noodle Skillet (from the More With Less Cook Book): my tried and true hamburger standby
Rainy Day Fall Salad: recipe follows
Apple Pudding (from the Betty Crocker Cook Book): it was easy and amazingly good! 

Rainy Day Fall Salad

Put fresh spinach in a bowl.  Top with a handful or so of shredded cheddar cheese and a chopped apple or two.  Cut a couple slices of bacon into little pieces and fry, cool and add to top.  I put the salad on the plates and added a light olive oil dressing to the individidual servings. 

The above menu was eaten by my husband, my three year old and my almost two year old. 

Mission: accomplished.