Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crazy like a fox... who cooks... or something

So, today I was going a little nuts with everything being stuffed in my fridge and freezer.  So, of course, I went a little crazy and made a lot of food to compensate.  We had:

Steamed broccoli and green beans (green beans were in the scratch-n-dent bin at grocery store)
Italian sausages (also discounted)
Garlic cheese bread (whole wheat bread from freezer, garlic mix was  a gift a while ago, cheese needed to be used)
Lasagne (discount noodles, home-made sauce)
Sparkling juice

Dessert (little cake squares with sliced strawberries and chocolate syrup.  I know it's Lent; don't judge!)

And I still can't fit anything in the fridge.  Aaargh!

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