Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apple Pudding

Last night I made Apple Pudding from the Betty Crocker book.  It was really amazing.
When I saw pudding, I immediately think "Jello-pudding", but this was more old-fashioned, almost like bread pudding. 
There was only a handful of ingredients and at first I thought the mixture would be too dry, but I had to let it sit while I greased the pan and it got moist on it's own.  I do think that adding more apples than are in the recipe is a good idea.
Once it's baked, it's like a cross between apple pie and coffee cake with the best of both--no crust to worry about and lots of soft, warm apple goodness.
For presentation, a dollop of whipped cream or cream and a drizzle of carmel sauce makes a laid-back, easy dessert company ready.

Quick, easy, inexpensive comfort food.

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