Saturday, September 24, 2016

Where's the Beef?

What I’m listening to this week: 

Main meat meal: To start this week, I threw onions and squash in the bottom of a crock pot, and put about five pounds of beef on top of them.  I loosely based the recipe on this one .  It was a little bland, but I forgot to add the salt, so that's on me. I served it with lefse on the side, because it was on sale.

Day 2: I made rice and steamed broccoli.  To top the rice, I made roux with 4 T butter and the beef fat I skimmed from the leftovers, mixed with a heaping quarter cup of flour.  I added two cups of drippings and a cup of beef broth.  I then threw in a bunch of the leftover beef.  I let it all simmer together and served it over rice.  It was great!  Exceeded expectations.  

Day 3: Quesadillas in the car.

Day 4: I mixed a can of refried beans with salsa and shredded beef and spread those on the last lefse and sprinkled cheese on top. This would also be good with tortillas. 

Day 5: Not my circus

Day 6: Weekend rush

Day 7: leftovers

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