Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Leftover MacGyver: The Garlic Chicken and Rice edition

So. Yesterday's dinner was crock pot garlic chicken and rice.  Only one picky eater boycotted.

However, I wanted to clear out the fridge leftovers (and freezer leftovers), but didn't have enough leftovers for a full meal.

So, I sauteed an orange pepper and a big onion in olive oil til they both were soft and the onion was translucent.  Then I threw in all the leftover chicken rice and heated it through.  Once it was all steaming nicely, I added about a cup of thawed homemade tomato sauce (some of the last from last tomato season).

I told the kids it was "Confetti Rice" because of all the pretty colors.  It was a big hit with all but the one picky eater (and she's still on the fence).

We're gonna call this one a win.

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